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Letter from Harald

Dear Clients, Consultants, and fellow Professionals,

In 1984 I established Harald Wattrus Land Surveyors. At inception, like most Land Surveying Practices, I was a “one man band“, but soon realised that to offer a professional service, reliable staff and partners were needed. And so the Practice grew, based on sound principles of service and accuracy.

After nearly 38 years in the business, and with my family primarily resident in USA, it is necessary for me to put a succession plan in place for my eventual retirement.

Three years ago, I was joined by my current Partner, Mike Trenor, who most of you know by now. In that short time the world, as we knew it, has changed, but the Practice has come through and adapted, with the same principles of service and accuracy firmly in place.

I am pleased to announce that Gerhard du Preez has joined Mike in the Practice, and I will be acting in a Consulting role for the foreseeable future, to smooth the transition.

Gerhard brings a wealth of technical and managerial skills (and new energy) to HL Wattrus Land Surveyors. I have every confidence that Gerhard and Mike will take the Practice forward from the foundation that I have built up.

It is with mixed emotions that I begin to step aside from this 38-year Project, and I would like to thank each of you for making the journey so interesting and rewarding.

Sincerely, Harald